3 Simple Steps for a Perfect Tidying Up of Your Workplace

Many people associate the approaching spring season with a need to tidy up. We tidy up our households, basements, wood sheds and gardens but we should also not forget about tidying up our working place. Mainly in this pandemic time, it is useful to think about tidying more often than just before Christmas and in the spring. We can tell you how to do it properly. 

The Desk as a Reservoir of Diseases

Not only a mess on a work desk poses a risk to the health of the employee, it also does not benefit their productivity. Various papers, piles of documents and office supplies which were not put back into the drawer – these all shift the focus from the work and are just the perfect environment for dust, bacteria and viruses. 

Although some studies claim a messy working table is a sign of extraordinary intelligence and creative personality, there are boundaries to this.

1. Clean Your Desk

Let's start from the beginning. Firstly, clean your desk. And by this we do not mean clean on the desk. Make sure you put everything away from the desk – everything that is on it as well as all the equipment in the drawers and various organizers. Feel free to put all the stuff on the floor and then clean the desk. 

Clean the dust from every surface and then grab a disinfection and use it to wipe all the places. Make sure to reach the corners of the desk where viruses and bacteria love to gather the most.

2. Screen, Keyboard, Mouse

Some people might be surprised but the computer keyboard is a highly dangerous source of bacteria. According to British scientists, the keyboard is home to more bacteria than the toilet lid. Specific studies have shown that there are approximately 49 microbes on each centimetre squared of the toilet lid – compared to an unbelievable number of 3 295 microbes on the same area of the keyboard. (Just a fun fact – there are over 25 000 microbes on one centimetre squared of the mobile phone.)

Wipe the computer screen with a disinfection. Use a towel moistened with disinfection for the mouse cleaning. The keyboard can be cleaned in various ways. You can, for example, use a special cleaning substance reminiscent of the slime toy children like to play with. You can also hoover the keyboard but make sure you don't hoover some of the keys from the keyboard. The most rigorous way to clean the keyboard which will also take the longest is a precise and careful removal of each key. These are then put into a cleaning or disinfecting solution and washed thoroughly. You can then wipe the keyless keyboard with a wet wipe.

3. Put the Stuff Back, Order and Tidy

Now comes the time to put everything in its place. Not that you should put the things exactly at the same spots they were before. You should keep your desk as clean and empty as possible – minimalism is the way to go in this case. Put as many things as you can into the drawers and shred or recycle all the papers you don't need. Try to keep your desk as organised and minimalistic as possible.

Large orders from a large supplier

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