Internet of things in the hotel industry

The current situation dramatically changed the way we travel and sped up the trend advancement not only in the hotel industry. Closed-up offices, remote working, online meetings, handsfree solutions, all that is affecting our businesses whether you want to start a hotel business or you already own or manage one.

Internet of things (IoT) is at principle a simple concept connecting all your digital devices into a smart household. Internet of things is quickly finding its way not only to the households but also to hotel rooms. Guests are expecting this kind of service more and more. Many of these innovations requiere but a minor changes in the room setup so it won’t make a problem to implement them effectively if you’re a forward-thinking hotel owner or manager. We have a few new tips for you. If you’re interested in the theme, you can read more about it in our article.

Streaming services

Hotels can use a platform like Enseo or portable streaming devices that allow guests to log in to their favorite streaming accounts and feel like they’re home.

Tablets instead of paper

Swap classic paper info with hotel information for handy tablets. The opening hours, restaurant menu, wellness services and recommendations for excursions are not only clear on the room tablet, but guests can also play music, and control the room lights and temperature.

Smart mirrors

Many will appreciate the ability to follow news or weather while brushing their teeth or shaving. Or practice yoga right in front of a mirror combined with a screen? Fantastic.

What can IoT bring to your business?

  • You can save on HR, reception, cleaning,
  • More positive reviews,
  • Less unwanted ad-hoc calls and demands,
  • Better host information acquirement,
  • You will have a better understanding of their habits, hobbies, preferences and spending patterns so that you can give them a better experience.

The benefits of IoT are reflected in the overall impression your hotel leaves on the guests. As the hotel improves, so does the guest experience. It is directly proportional.

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