What to do with used light bulbs at your premises?

Exchange of old fluorescent bulbs can be, at least when mishandled, a significant burden on our environment. Regular bulbs contain mercury that can contaminate nature during the disposal if the bulb is broken. For this reason there are places that are properly equipped to take care of your used and even broken lights.

Do not throw out worn out lights with the rest of scrappage, rather return them to the electronics shop while you’re buying new ones or hand them over at the collection point - you can find the closest ones to you. Through recycling used bulbs you:

  • Protect the nature and environment
  • Help to get back as much as 80 % of the materials used
  • Lower the amount of resources needed
  • Help to provide labour

With sorting out light sources from your waste you can help reduce the amount of waste as a whole. The higher the separation rates the lower the mass that ends up at dumps and incineration plants. We can use the vast majority of materials from the bulbs again, saving valuable resources in the process. With their need for an expert disposal we also help to create valuable job opportunities and help achieve the goal of climate neutrality.

In the grand scheme of things it might seem recycling of such un seemingly unimportant things as lightbulbs is just a tiny part of the climate crisis but that's just it. World is made of tiny seemingly insignificant things but when they add up they can cause big troubles. One person doesn't recycle, not a problem, just glitch in the statistics. The problem arises when we all start to think that we can be that “one person”.

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