11 tips to Boost Productivity at Work

Staying productive throughout the day at work can be really challenging. Do you also sometimes feel like you haven't gotten much done and could have done more? To help you work more efficiently but still have time for yourself, read on for tips to help you do just that. 

  1. Prioritise

Identify the tasks you need to get done as soon as possible and focus on them. Don't burden your mind with tasks that can wait. 

  1. Create a To-do List

If you have already sorted the tasks that will wait for tomorrow and those that won't, create a daily or weekly to-do list. It will help you focus only on the things you need to do, which you can cross off the list once you're done. At least you'll keep track of what you've done, what you haven't, and you won't forget about it.

  1. Divide Larger and More Difficult Tasks into Smaller Actions

Big and challenging tasks can look daunting, which is why you may tend to keep putting them off. But when you break them down into smaller chunks, they will ultimately be clearer and more digestible for you. 

  1. Watch Your Time

Allocate time for the tasks. This will help you keep your attention and avoid being distracted by some other task.

  1. Reduce Multitasking 

Although multitasking seems to be efficient, it is not. Multitasking can reduce your efficiency. Focusing on one task will ensure you do a better job and complete it faster. 

  1. Don't Get Distracted 

Turn off unnecessary notifications, close irrelevant tabs or set your phone into flight mode.

  1. Take Breaks

To keep your attention and avoid burnout syndrome, take regular breaks between tasks when you're doing something that entertains you, distracts you, and improves your overall productivity. The Pomodoro Technique promotes working for 25 minutes and then taking 5-minute breaks. 

  1. Allocate Subtasks to Other Colleagues

You definitely have people on your team you can rely on. Let them help you with your job and delegate smaller tasks to them. You'll find that this will make your job easier, help your colleagues develop their skills and ultimately strengthen the team. 

  1. Listen to Productive Music

It's not news that music during exercise helps you perform better. The same is true at work. Music is great and in many cases can help with productivity.

  1. Clean Up Around You

If you want to be productive, there's nothing worse than having a mess around you. Always aim for a clear working desk. Did you know that studies suggest that red and blue colours improve brain performance? Red colour increases focus and blue stimulates creativity. Surround your desk with these colours and your work will go from strength to strength. 

  1. Workspace is Important

If you work from home, create your own workspace where you feel comfortable and can work productively.

New technological innovations will also help you to be productive at work. So stay informed about trends in your industry and new tools that could make your work more efficient, such as various AI tools.


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