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Will Valentine's Day in the HORECA Sector Boom Again This Year? Get Ready

Valentine's Day can really shake up the HORECA sector. For some couples, Valentine's Day is a special occasion to celebrate their love.

5 things the Best Employers Do

To be attractive as an employer in the eyes of your employees and job seekers, it is no longer enough to offer a good salary.

Do You Know the Reasons Millennials Turn Down Leadership Positions?

They accept career growth, but not leadership positions. According to Visier's research, it seems that millennials and Gen Z have other priorities than dedicating their lives to work.

Think green

In our company, we pay attention to the environment and current ecological trends. We do not take a responsible approach towards this topic simply because it is a trendy thing to do. We pay attention to environmental issues because we care about the environment we live in, and we do everything we can to not only maintain it, but also improve it.

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