ECO CHOICE - good choice for you and for nature

Not only people but also nature should be taken care of with love and respect. As a company, we have decided to take a more responsible approach to the natural resources, use more renewable materials and reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible. These steps are only the beginning. In the future we want to increase the number of renewable resources used in the production. We believe that you care about nature as much as we do. That's why we're excited to introduce our new collection of locally sourced products from recycled materials – ECO choice. ECO CHOICE products are made of smart eco paper with FSC certificate, they have recycled paper packaging and foil packaging is made of 30% recycled foil.

Our products reflect the principles of sustainability

Our state-of-the-art production processes save forests, use recycled raw materials in increased numbers and conserve natural resources. Our products reflect current trends in ecology, too.

Ecology is a frequently discussed issue

Sustainability has been receiving a lot attention lately. We realize the importance of this topic. As a company, we strive to act responsibly and burden our planet as little as possible.


Folded paper towels ECO  CHOICE
Folded paper towels ECO CHOICE

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